Stumptown Coffee Manhattan

I nearly tripped as i entered  stumptown coffee on 8th in Manhattan last week. My eyes were permanently fixated on the layers of detail and finishes on the ceiling, fixtures, walls, floors and mini filing cabinets (?) adjacent to the bar. 
I literally and actually forgot I was in a coffee shop and thought to myself, this is a cool trendy lounge and WHY am I NOT wearing my heels instead of my converse kicks. 

The light fixtures are perfect and look like they have designer fishnets on them and the gold finish on the casing and hardware just made me smile. 
The tiled detailing on the lower ceiling was just the right amount of texture and perfect; an appropriate scale to not conflict with the heavy geometric ceiling treatment in the main space. 

So finally after 15 minutes of really playing the part of NYC tourist and taking photos, I ordered my iced coffee and was not surprised that it was just as delicious as the interior design. 
Oh and #thatmirror 😍