An exquisite home designed to stimulate a buyer’s visual senses. 

The floor plans were complete and framing was underway. The home had unique angles and was situated at the end of the cul-de-sac of a new residential community. The design was missing some magic and I was hired and given the creative reigns to redesign and recreate.  A new main level master suite oasis was integrated right away, and walls began to dance and move around. The central living space came to life with antique carpets, unique textures and vibrant colours. The rich walnut kitchen cabinetry coupled with wallpaper paneling in the dining room, and heavy trim and mouldings throughout added the visual spark that was needed.  Luxurious finishes were selected to enhance each space.  My favourite design elements of the home included the various bathroom designs, the natural flow between the spaces and how each room was detailed to shine on its own and work as a complement to each other. I also loved the sliding ladder detail in the kitchen and the glamorous pearl mosaic tiles of the powder room.